Pobl Dre (2012)

Pobl Dre  38 (1) copy 2Pobl Dre (town people) is a witty and colourful 20 minute vertical dance choreography created in collaboration with North Wales artist Luned Rhys Parri for her exhibition Y Maes (town square). Luned’s three dimensional art work depicts local characters in the towns and villages of North Wales. For this project she focused on the people in the Maes (town square) in Caernarfon. The dancers bring the characters to life above the heads of the audience in the foyer of Galeri using handbags, newspapers, cups of tea and invisible dogs.

Pobl Dre was funded by Arts Council of Wales supported by Galeri Caernarfon, and performed there on 16 November 2012 at 6pm and 7.15pm.  The latest performances were at Take pART at Venue Cymru and Galeri in 2016 .


Choreography: Kate Lawrence

Dancers: Colin Daimond, Despina Goula, Chloe Rafferty, Lisa SpaullComposer: Rob Spaull

Design: Menna Thomas and Gwion Lloyd and dancers, inspired and guided by Luned Rhys Parri

Pobl Dre at Take pART 2015

Pobl Dre at Galeri 2012

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